RICHIE CLARKE, Partner and Head of Production, has over 25 years of live event experience working in music, entertainment, broadcast, performing arts, brand/experiential and gaming environments, from his beginnings at the Hammerstein Ballroom to his global work with Wordless Music and his role as Festival Production Manager for various Red Bull Music Festivals in North America.

An accomplished production manager, audio engineer and sound designer, Richie served as an event manager at the Hammerstein Ballroom, overseeing the execution of 1000+ events over 4 years. He was also their recording studio engineer and worked with Spike Lee on several film scores as well as such artists as Timbaland, David Byrne, and Missy Elliott in crafting some of their seminal work.

More recently, as Director of Production for Wordless Music he has executed numerous major projects, including international tours of live-score film screenings including There Will Be Blood, Birdman, and Moonlight. For seven years Richie was involved in the Red Bull Music Festivals for Trevanna Entertainment, including three years as the Festival Production Manager for New York, Los Angeles, and Atlanta.

Originally from Surinam and a native Dutch speaker, Richie likes any new technology that facilitates a better digital performance, whether it’s for organizing photos and video, mixing a perfect live album, or delivering an amazing live music experience to thousands of people.